Natural Foods & Beverages

Natural Foods & Beverages

Food and drink play such an important role in communities, in families, and of course in your health.

Whether you’re celebrating an important milestone, getting together with friends over a meal, or just enjoying some time alone, the food you eat matters.

So why not choose tasty snacks and top-quality staples from suppliers who ethically source and carefully craft their offerings?

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The Good Chocolatier

What we love about them:  They offer not a product that not only makes your body feel good but your spirit too! They produce their bars in small batches without cutting any corners in quality or the process. The founder is careful about the impact of her choices in every aspect of the making of her product are positive to people, their health, and the environment. She even employs marginalized community members that have skills that are usually neglected. 



 Phil & Sebastian Coffee Roasters

What we love about them: They let you see their whole story of their journey with their ups and downs in a very candid way that really makes you feel connected to their product.




Gathering Place Trading

Cortez Island, BC Canada

What we love about them: They insist on meeting all their direct source farmers and showing them on their website.