Ethically Sourced Dietary Supplements

Ethically Sourced Dietary Supplements & Vitamins

Dietary supplements need to be sourced with extra care.

These are products you choose to support your health and to manage your body’s unique needs. If they are laced with pesticides or inconsistent in potency, they could be a danger to you.

These are companies we’ve found that take the same care in sourcing their products that we do… and who strive to be transparent about where their products come from and how they are processed.


Black Cumin Seed Oil & Propolis

Stork’s Nest Farm Serbia

What we love about them: A detailed explanation of their farming process.

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Olive Leaf Extract & Propolis


Comvita Australia

What we love about them: Full traceability from the tree to the finished bottle!





On their website, they say, “We share our sources, studies, and suppliers - a traceable multivitamin backed by the first visible supply chain of its kind.”