Who we are and what is radical transparency

The Onhava Story

My name is Isaac Vartan Bohdjelian, co-founder of Onhava Naturals.

We founded Onhava Naturals with the belief that everyone deserves to know exactly what’s in the products they use to support their health. If it goes in or on your body, you should know how pure it is, where it was sourced from, and its potency level. We believe that we should treat others the way we want to be treated. That means serving you with radical transparency and maintaining an unbreakable commitment to ethical sourcing.

At Onhava Naturals, we believe there’s a better way to bring natural products to the market. We believe in earning our customers through honesty, compassion, and service. We're passionate about our mission to help people find the very best in natural products and to let them see, in detail, the journey of each product from seed to bottle.

Radical transparency. Ethical sourcing. Traceability. These three tenets are an expression of our care for people, for good health, and for the environment.
We even carry our transparency all the way through to our pricing. Typically this is one of the least transparent aspects in business, but with our products, you can see where every penny goes. We're excited to bring you radical transparency through our educational content, our suppliers, our testing process, and of course, the products we offer.

So, you might be wondering, how did the Onhava story begin…



Our Own “Seed-to-Bottle” Story


The Onhava story began, like so many stories, with a personal need.

It was a few years ago. I was traveling in the UK, and I could tell I was fighting something off. I dreaded the thought of being sick while traveling. The discomfort. The lost time. I needed something to support my immune system through it — to help me avoid getting sick at all, if possible.  A friend recommended I try black seed oil. I trusted his opinion on such matters and picked up a bottle of the oil. Before I knew it, I felt like myself again. The black seed oil worked!  

A few months later, after I was back in the USA, I felt that need again — my body was signaling that my immune system needed a little extra support. I did what so many people do. I went online and searched for a brand of black seed oil I could get quickly. I picked the one with the best reviews and put in my order. From the first taste, I could tell the oil wasn’t the same as what I had used in the UK. The quality just wasn’t there. Later, when I had the resources, I tested the suspect brand. The lab results were discouraging. The quality of the oil wasn’t nearly as good as the supplier had stated on their site.

This made me wonder. How often do supplement companies mislead their customers? And how often do suppliers mislead the supplement providers they sell to? With further research I discovered that it can be very difficult to trust that what you’re buying is what you think you’re buying.


Taking Root


We wanted to bring the benefits of black seed oil to people who need it. I still used the brand I had discovered in the UK and felt it delivered a good result. We began importing and distributing it. But we wanted to provide radical transparency and traceability that motivated us to start the business in the first place. The suppliers were not on board. I began searching for a black seed brand that was radically transparent and offered full traceability… and I couldn’t find one. That’s when I realized there's a lack of honesty in the dietary supplement market. And this was unacceptable to me. So we made a decision. Instead of trying to convince suppliers to be radically transparent, we decided to look for those who already embrace the same philosophy.



Growing Into Our Name


We found ourselves on a mission, one we were passionate about and excited to pursue. But we needed the right name to capture the essence of what we hoped to provide our customers.

Onhava is a name rooted in the notion of safety. Invented by combining the French words for honest (honnete) and haven (havre), Onhave keeps a silent “h,” just like the words “herb” and “honest.” With Onhava we hope to deliver you a peaceful and transparent experience, that you find us generous and empathetic… that we become your haven for honesty in health and wellness.