Why should you demand lab tests upfront?

Delivering on Our Commitment to You

Bad actors in the industry mislead you about the potency and purity of their products. Organic labeling can be confusing. Even customer reviews can be faked.


Routine third-party testing.

It’s part of Onhava Natural's philosophy of ethical sourcing and radical transparency. And we apply it to all of the natural supplements that we offer our customers. Whenever we receive a new batch of product from one of our trusted suppliers, before we bring that product to you, we put it to the test.

We send the initial sample out to our third-party labs for testing. And we also send a randomly picked sample from the whole batch. Doing these two tests help us — and you — to have full confidence that our natural supplements have consistent potency.

Through random testing — and because we test every batch of supplements we receive — you can be certain that the testing results are truly representative of the product you purchase.


We Make This Information Traceable and Readily Available to You

What good is the promise of testing if you cannot see the results for the specific batch of a product that you purchased?

Every one of our natural supplement products has either a QR code or website address that you can use to view the lab results for that product. The page will have a summary of the results as well as a link to the full, detailed reports provided from the labs we use.

We believe in trusting our suppliers. But we also recognized verifying potency and purity is essential. You use our natural supplement products to help protect and ensure your good health. You deserve nothing less than access to all the information we have available on that product.

Currently, we use two third-party labs to test the purity, potency, and safety of our products.



Phyochemia tests for potency and purity of our oils.

Their "Thymoquinone quantitation" shows the amount  of essential oil component, Thymoquinone, in the essential oil.

Their "FAMEs Profile Analysis" shows the fatty acids' profile. This is important to see if the oil has been diluted or is of very low quality.  

They report their results using a digitally signed pdf that assures you nothing with the report has been tampered with. 

Proverde Labs


Proverde Labs screens specifically for hexane, an explosive, toxic chemical. They provide a unique scannable QR code that you can use to authenticate the results we share with you.