Earth Friendly Clothing

Earth Friendly Clothing 

What you wear against your skin matters. 

Chemical residues… unsustainable growing practices… bad working conditions. These are common in the textile and clothing industries. 

But there are also wonderful companies, working hard to create clothing from textiles that are ethically and sustainably produced and that are free of harmful chemical residues.

Your skin protects you from toxins that occur in the environment, but like any organ, your skin can become taxed by repeated exposure to harsh chemicals—even in small amounts. When you choose clothing free of chemical residues, that’s one more way you can protect your skin… and your health. 

These companies offer clothing options that are made from sustainably produced textiles and are free of harsh chemical residues. Plus, they treat their employees well, too. 



Kotn, Toronto, Canada

 What we love about them: They offer high levels of transparency and traceability. 

From their website: “Kotn was born from a desire for better basics: premium quality, ethically made, honestly priced. Using direct trade practices, we source our raw cotton straight from the farmers in the Nile Delta and Faiyum, Egypt, and work directly with responsibly-run cut-and-sew facilities in the region. That means fair wages throughout our supply chain, better prices for our customers, and total traceability throughout.”


Oliver Cabell, Minneapolis, Minnesota

For each product, they provide a full, detailed list of the origin of the materials used to make their clothes and shoes. They list their main factories. They are even transparent about their pricing.


Here is an example of why they chose one of their tanners for their boots: “We were happy to learn that the factory owners are big supporters of small, family farms as it allows them to track exactly where their hides come from. The result: a premium full-grain leather that matures beautifully over time”.