Meet Stork’s Nest, Black Seed Oil Supplier for Onhava Naturals

A Black Seed Oil Farmer We're Proud to Partner With


At Onhava, we have several criteria that a farmer must meet before we’ll partner with them.

They must share our passion for treating people well and caring for the environment.

They must have a high commitment to producing a naturally grown, organic harvest.

They must value honesty, integrity, and transparency… and embrace those values at every level in their farming operation. 

When we found Mr. Ewald Stipaler and his farm — Stork’s Nest — it became clear very quickly that he was a good match for us… and for our customers.



Traditional Wisdom Combined with Modern Know-How


Ewald Stipaler considers being a farmer his calling. He knew from a very young age that farming was his passion.

In college, he studied agriculture, making plant production and soil science his area of focus. There, he learned a technical understanding of biodiversity and ecology. He went on to work for twenty years as an environmental engineer.

Then, he took his extensive knowledge and experience and combined it with a passion for growing organic medicinal plants. 

Stork’s Nest is the result. 


Onhava Naturals Stark's Nest Farm


Sustainably Grown, Herbal Remedies – Completely Chemical Free


Stork’s Nest is a multi-functional, biodiverse estate located in rural Serbia.
Ewald built Stork’s Nest to sustainably grow medicinally valuable plants without any chemicals, synthetic hormones, antibiotics, or genetically modified materials. He combines traditional farming methods with state-of-the-art science to meet (and surpass) international organic standards while supporting local biodiversity.

Every step of the way, Stork’s Nest works to integrate with the local ecology without harming it… all the while growing a variety of plants used in herbal supplements. Including nigella sativa… the plant black seed oil is derived from.

More information of how Stork's Nest Farm is able to sustainably farm without the use of any chemicals. 


Stork's Nest won an award for its Sustainable & Integrated Production practices in 2018.


Link to award page

You Can Visit Any Time


In keeping with a philosophy of sustainability and transparency, Stork’s Nest is open to visitors. Ewald loves to get to know his customers, to show them around the farm so they can see the operation in action, and to share his love and passion for the land and for the organic crops he grows.

You can learn more about Stork’s Nest and Ewald’s philosophy here.

Ewald's scientific background, his ethics, and his commitment to purity, effectiveness, and safety can be readily seen on his site or during a visit to his farm.

While it’s easy to take Ewald’s word regarding the purity and potency of the black seed oil he produces, our commitment to you is that all of our products undergo third-party testing. We provide you the results to review before you make your purchase.

Because Stork's Nest is a small-scale farm, the variance in potency and purity of any batch of oil is low. We run two random tests on each batch — a result that is representative of the whole. This can only be done with small-scale farms since the batch can be readily isolated.

When you buy from a supplier that sources their seeds from many farms, it’s nearly impossible to get a consistent level of purity, effectiveness, and safety in each bottle because every batch may vary greatly in potency. We sidestep that problem by working with small-scale farmers. With our Black Seed Oil, sourced from Stork’s Nest farms, you always know exactly what you’re getting and have confidence that it can effectively support your overall health.

Learn more about Onhava's Black Seed Oil sourced from Stork’s Nest farms here


Onhava Naturals Stark's Nest Farm



Videos & Documents from Teko's Stork's Nest Farm


A short introduction about the philosophy, methods and principles, which are driving their activities at their farm - They like what they do!


Harvesting black cumin seed production. 2019 Crop


Details of how Stork's Nest Plants, Grows, & Harvests Nigella Sativa (Black Cumin Seeds) 


Harvesting black cumin seed production. 2017 Crop

The first phase of vegetation of black cumin seed plants. 2017 Crop

Black cumin seed oil plants growth update. 2017 Crop


Pressing & Bottling of Nigella Sativa Seed Oil (Black Cumin Seed Oil) 

Details of how the the nigella sativa (black cumin seeds) are pressed and further processed at HES in Austria


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