How to choose a High-Quality Black Seed Oil

With black seed oil or virtually any product, these days sold on the internet, following the old idiom buyer beware is more relevant than ever.

Beware of Adulterated Oils

You have heard about many problems online with counterfeits (cloth, electronics, etc.). Still, it's even more important to make sure you guard yourself against adulterated (adding something that reduces the quality) products when it comes to your health.

Demand Purity & Potency Lab Reports Upfront

Please don't take any brand's claim for purity or potency unless they provide a lab report upfront for the batch that the bottle you are buying came from.
There are some bad apples out there that mix cheaper oils to maximize their profits by cheating consumers under the guise of a better deal. That's what most consumers look for, and I have done and keep doing. But not with products that might affect my health.
Certain brands or suppliers' greed causes them to mix cheaper oils or buy from many small farms that use diverse factors that affect the quality, potency, and safety of the pressed batch.
This practice is famously done in the olive oil industry, which has many famous raids even by the Italian government, which found it rampant even with famous brands!
More recently, six out of 22 avocado Oils analyzed presented anomalies in their fatty oil profiles. 2 of the "extra virgin" oils were adulterated with soybean oil at levels near 100%.

Don't Rely Solely on Customer Reviews

Don't trust customer reviews because they don't have the equipment or expertise that a lab has to verify the botanical identification by comparing to scientific references. Most of these reviewers rely on their subjective senses, and if that were the case, there would be no need for objective scientific labs.
Again, please don't rely on words. Many brands claim "pure," "100%", "virgin," "Cold-Pressed."
We have independently tested and found one popular black seed oil brand that didn't even have the botanical identification of black cumin seed oil!
Another claim that brands claim is potency. Our independent testing of various brands showed us that their (put any number) Thymoquinone claims were marketing gimmicks. Again lab tests don't lie.

Don't Rely Solely on "Official" Organic Certifications

Finally, a very important aspect to worry about is whether the product you are taking for your health has been sprayed by pesticides and herbicides.
Again, don't rely on just their claims without seeing proof. Even don't rely on official certifications since certifications can be purchased easily, especially in developing countries.
It's best to demand traceability and transparency to where the seeds pressed for the oil came from.
This transparency should include what measures the farm has taken to deal with pests instead of using chemicals. You might have watched the Netflix movie "The Biggest Little Farm," where you can see how much work is involved in having a Zero Chemical Organic Farm!
Onhava's was born to give health-conscious lovers of black seed oil a product that helps support their bodies and give them peace of mind from seed to bottle.

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