Buying Dietary Supplements for you health? Too many private label brands are cutting corners at the cost of your health!!

Here is a list of articles that show that it will be worth your time to demand transparency and traceability for the bottle of black seed oil you are buying.

A recent study published in Food Control, a journal specialized in food quality control, found the following results: six out of the 22 samples of Avocado Oil analyzed presented anomalies in their fatty acid profiles, which are key parameters to ensure the purity of vegetable oils. (2020)

They also stated, "Avocado oils on the market labeled extra virgin and refined are of poor quality. Adulteration of avocado oils on the market was confirmed. There is an urgent need to develop standards for avocado oil to protect consumers. Standards are also needed to protect genuine producers and the industry as a whole."

Olive Oil Industry is rampant with mixed cheaper oils including a huge investigation conducted by the government of Italy. (2019)

New York Attorney General demanded 4 national retailers to pull 4 out 5 products they test for not even having the ingredients listed on the label. They contained fillers or substances that might even cause allergic reactions to some.  (2015)

Just because the label says its organic and even has certification doesn't mean it is! Here's an article that explains how the principles of organic farming are difficult to follow when the volumes are big and how its led to lots of fraud. (2019)


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