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With most dietary supplements, Buyer Beware.

Don't buy any oil without seeing the farm, farmer, farming methods, and 3rd party lab reports that show the oil hasn't been adulterated (cut with cheaper oils)! Please read our blog for articles on how this is unfortunately common in many health products, including Olive & Avocado Oil.

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Now more than ever, one should trust but verify!

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We test every batch using a lab that specializes in medicinal natural products

See the current batches full report here

What's the benefit of a lab result that's not representative of the whole batch?

Most private label brands mix black cumin seeds from many different farms. Every farm might have different methods that affect the purity, potency, and safety of the oil that's finally pressed.

The only way to get a lab result to represent the batch is from a single origin farm and a single press.

Our supplier, Teko/Stork's Nest's transparent Zero Chemical & Biodiverse process in Serbia, Europe

Teko/Stork's Nest transparent and traceable production in Austria

In keeping with a philosophy of sustainability and transparency, this farm is open to visitors

Tastes good & tested by a trusted lab!

I have taken black seed oil for many years, and this black seed oil is very nice. It tastes good. I liken it to almost like quality Olive oil. I’m glad I ordered it, and told others about it as well. I know I got the real thing now as the seller had it tested by a trusted lab. You do t know if you are actually getting pure black seed oil with all other brands.

Raheemuddin N. 7/10/2020

Try to find another one that's pesticide free

Very pleased with this product. Many positive attributes. Try and find another black seed oil that is truly pesticide free...when you discover there are none...then purchase Onhava!

Herc 6/18/200

Black seed oil helps

My boyfriend has been taking black seed oil for a month and it helped him. We are so happy for that. He will definitely keep taking it and we are highly recommend it.

Wen C. 7/18/2020

One Year Money-Back Guarantee

One Year Money-back Guarantee with Free & Easy Returns from USA and Canada.

FREE standard shipping in the USA and Canada.  

So why is our price more than the price of other brands?

We could sell for half or a quarter of the price, too, if we were to blend with other oils and buy from many diverse sources.

But that would go against why we started this business in the first place.

Your health is priceless. It comes first.

We strive to make a pure and ethically sourced product affordable to everyone, especially black seed oil, which is good to take regularly.

That's why we show full price transparency on our product page, and as demand grows, we will pass the savings to you.